NHS Stroke Video

Here’s a really powerful video that two of the NHS physios (Ria and Alayna) at Bideford Medical Centre have put together highlighting some key information around strokes featuring some cameos from Henry, myself and Byrran (another younger than your average stroke survivor). I hope you find it as informative as I did and if you want any more information then at the end of the video there are some great links/websites that were really useful to Beth and I, especially during the first few weeks:

NHS Stroke Video

Published by Seanie-D

30 year old Primary School teacher recovering from a stroke. Husband to Beth and Daddy to Henry and Max 😍😍

3 thoughts on “NHS Stroke Video

  1. Hi Sean,
    Thanks for this , it’s so interesting as far as the stroke stats are concerned but loving seeing your’s and Byrran’s progress.
    I’m part of a ladies church prayer group and we’ve been praying for you since you had your stroke, I’ve sent them this video, and I know they will be encouraged. You have worked so amazingly hard, so well done.
    These ladies I know will continue to keep you and your family in their prayers, that you will keep up your determination and drive to reach the best you can be, but also be with your wife and two little ones.
    Bless you.
    Liz Page ( Alice’s mum)

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