The Journey Begins-ish

I write this first post with a warning over typo’s and nonsense as the old noggin does get a bit more fatigued easily these days staring at an iPad screen! I will endeavour to keep up to date but as stroke recovery goals go it is not a priority. I say -ish in the title as the main event actually happened a week ago yesterday. Heading to the garage to collect some old trainers to head to school in because my others were still soaked from a recent Instow beach puddle splashing extravaganza with my two favourite people. I hit the deck like a sack of potatoes and started to get a bit worried about what was going on. Henry was outside as well and my first thought was to shout “Don’t run in the road!” luckily Beth was already rumbling that something was a bit odd and came out to see what was going on. At that point I think I remember her saying stay still and don’t get up – I’m ringing an ambulance which I was devastated at because today at school was roast day! I also knew as I hit the deck that I hadn’t managed to get my morning throne trip under my belt. Hence me asking Beth when I was on the floor whether she could take me to said lavatory. Needless to say that was the least of our worries when reality hit that this was something serious. We won’t go into detail about what state the drive was left in after I had been delivered into the back of the ambulance. Only detail I am going to add was that I was wearing my cream chinos which Beth hasn’t binned for some peculiar reason. Maybe to frame as a memento and look back on this crazy time. So we then move into the world of the abyss where vague recollections of discussions between Barnstaple and Derriford circulated around my head. Air ambulance was mentioned and I remember thinking Henry will be in his element! Lots of incredible NHS staff who I had forgotten but then met on the ward a few days later on my travels to the rehab gym were so supportive and talkative in the back of the ambulance. I vaguely remember discussions around odds and it was only later in that day speaking to Beth that I found out there was a choice made around something called thrombolysing which meant de-clotting the stroke and where 1 in 3 are successful and there is a 1 in 20 chance it could be fatal. These staff are unbelievable having to make daily decisions like that around real people and their lives at home in the back of an ambulance or an A&E ward. And I think teaching is tough sometimes. So we then move on to where I sort of came around and have minor recollections up in the ward I’m sat in now. Lots of memories have blurred into one but hopefully I can give you a snippet of life in here after a stroke! Some wonderful nurses and doctors came into my cubicle and asked lots of questions which majority of the time I failed but no worries. It then hit me something big had happened. I couldn’t feel my left arm or leg and could barely raise my head off the pillow. I knew through all of this though I was in the best hands possible. Weirdly I didn’t feel scared at what had happened or the future it just felt like I was in a dream or outer body experience. Occasional moments there were frustrations at not being able to comprehend what was going on. Still up to now a week post incident I struggle to picture where the future will go but all the time I stay positive and do as much as I can to get home and be the man I can be for Beth, Henry and bump (not forgetting Jess Cat).


Published by Seanie-D

30 year old Primary School teacher recovering from a stroke. Husband to Beth and Daddy to Henry and Max 😍😍

61 thoughts on “The Journey Begins-ish

  1. Oh wow so sorry to hear this news Sean I hope u have a speedy recovery but let ur body recover properly x


  2. Get well soon Mr Downing! So sorry to hear about what’s happened but you will get through it. We all send you our love and best wishes, Nicola, David, Kara and Bronwyn xxx


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